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In order to become a member of United Fashion Europe, please fill out the form below.
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Members will profit from the network`s activities as it will facilitate members to voice their opinion, concerns and interests within the network and beyond. It will moreover be able to promote and foster transversal collaboration, also with other sectors and industries, and it will offer regular moments to expand and update knowledge on various topics relevant to the sector. The network is as well in a position to represent its members at an international level. In the long run, the network`s activities will allow for a better-connected fashion eco-system and they will enable better exchange and collaboration between countries and professionals. 


The strength of UFE comes from its members and from their understanding of the importance of the multiple aspects and the impact of the fashion sector on their own activities and society as a whole. Members make the network grow to be more powerful and lively. All our members feel a sense of identity and ownership with UFE, and at the same time they share their knowledge and expertise with everyone involved. All members support the mission and aims of the association.

Full Members have the right to:

Attend or be represented at the General Assembly
Vote at the General Assembly, each having an equal vote
Take part in the activities organised by UFE, notwithstanding that these might be subject to participation fees
Be represented by the network

Membership categories & fees

As of 2021, the annual membership fee will be charged according to the annual revenue of the member:

  • Membership 1 (annual revenue > €5 million and < €42 million): €3.000
  • Membership 2 (annual revenue > €1 million and < €5 million): €2.000
  • Membership 3 (annual revenue > €500.000 and < €1 million): €1.000
  • Membership 4 (annual revenue > €100.000 and < €500.000): € 600
  • Membership 5 (annual revenue < €100.000): € 300

The membership fee period is 1 January – 31 December

Attention: As of July 1, UFE members will be presented with individual micropages.